Quick links #4

  • Shakespeare Searched – Stunningly useful (if you like Shakespeare) search from Clusty. The surrounding text and citation features are key. Some questions, though: Does the clustering actually add value (beyond the character and works facets)? How could you extend / combine this to make a more general literature search? Who thought "Clusty" was a good product name, anyway?
  • Emotional clothing – "Bubelle, the "blushing dress" comprises two layers, the inner one is
    equipped with sensors that respond to changes in the wearer’s emotions
    and projects them onto the outer textile.
    " I’m very interested in the intersection of interaction design and clothing design — most of the work right now seems to be in the "arty & experimental" phase like Bubelle or the firefly dress. I can’t wait to figure out what the next, more practical, phases look like.
  • The Funniest Grid You Ever Saw  (via Signal vs. Noise) – An incredibly elaborate, and for me frustrating, look at laying the grid out for the online edition of The Onion. Which only once, in an aside at the end of the essay, acknowledges that "some designers" might choose to give up rigid control over size. And then in the comments, people complain about those pesky users and their changing type sizes. People, this is the web. Fluid design should be the rule and fixed the exception.
  • Too many people getting lost in new downtown library (via librarian.net)- "For all the architectural artistry of Rem Koolhaas’ downtown Seattle
    library, there was just one little problem with the building: People
    kept getting lost inside.

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