Quick links #7

  • The Neighborhood Project"The Neighborhood Project is creating a map of city
      neighborhoods based on the collective opinions of internet
    Saw this ages ago, couldn’t find it recently, and someone sent the link out again. Using collective intelligence to figure out neighborhood boundaries is a wonderful concept. It still doesn’t tell me where the "TenderNob" is, though …
  • Project Cartoon (via TNH)- Classic product development cartoon (the one with the tree) has been … Web 2.0-ified? Strange.
  • The Secret Life of Machines (via Faisal) – How things work!
  • LibraryThing Unsuggestor (via SIMS fun list) – "It analyzes the seven million books LibraryThing members have
    recorded as owned or read, and comes back with books least likely to share a library with the book
    you suggest."
    I am apparently unlikely to read Confessions of a Shopaholic (true), Desiring God (true), and Terry Pratchett books (not true).
  • zipdecode (via SIMS fun list) – Crazy awesome zip code visualization.
  • Lectures from Marti Hearst’s Search classes – Sergey Brin! Dan Rose! Hal Varian! Geoffrey Nunberg!
  • Map (via SIMS fun list) – Ever wondered how Google gets those cool icons onto their maps? The secret is plywood!

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