Best email unsubscribe flow ever?

I’ve been on a binge of unsubscribing from various email marketing lists, as an attention cleanser. It makes me feel good. There’s a hierarchy of experience to unsubscribe flows, from the good (clear link in the email, one click to unsubscribe) to the meh (have to hunt to find the link, unsubscribe not the default action on the resulting page) to the awful (you have to log in to unsubscribe, and you’re not sure you even have an account). Some even have some charming copy, but I’d never run into one that was flat out AWESOME until I unsubbed from Etsy’s newsletter.

(Don’t worry, Etsy. I still love you. I just don’t want the newsletter anymore.)

Screenshots below, but honestly, it’s worth subscribing and unsubscribing for the full experience.

Screen 1:


Screen 2:


Bravo, Etsy!

ETA: Link to the video, because you want to now, don’t you.

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